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85 EMAIL IDEAS TO SEND YOUR SUBSCRIBERS (without being spammy)

I’ve said it many times before but it bears repeating – email is one of the most powerful marketing tools for your small business.

It provides direct correspondence to a warm audience of people who have said “Yes, I want to hear from you”. And, even better, a big chunk of it can be done on autopilot (see this blog post for more).

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mailchimp vs convertkit vs activecampaign

Email Marketing software is simply a must-have for any small business who wants to embark on online marketing or sales.

The software available have also gotten much more powerful than just sending newsletters. Many now support segmenting, creating email automation sequences and integrating with shopping carts and other online tools.

There is a lot of choice out there, and simply looking at the websites or asking around in Facebook groups, often just results in more confusion than when you started.

MailChimpConvertKit* and ActiveCampaign are all good options for your business.

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“Start a business” they said.

“It will be fun” they said.

“Your product / service / skills are amazing – you’ll be a success” they said.

Oh, but how much more to it there is than that!

I was always told I should start a business. Since my primary school days, way before the internet was a thing. Not because my family was full of entrepreneurs but probably because I was pretty darn good at being bossy and organising people.

My response? No, never, that sounds too stressful! How wise I was…

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When we think about defining our Target Market often we get caught up in defining specific demographic information (age, gender, life stage, education, etc), geographic information and lifestyle (hobbies, favourite shows, favourite bands, etc).

However, restricting ourselves to just these factors can really limit how we connect. All the above is really just surface level and to truly create messages that cut through we need to dig deeper.

3 key questions to ask ABOUT your target market
q1: what are their needs?

Needs are a way of describing the different challenges, struggles and obstacles people want to overcome.

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If you have been following me (or any marketer for that matter) for a while, then you would know the importance of having a target market and getting to know them really well.

But how do you actually go about doing this?

The first thought is always to conduct a survey or interviews. Both are great options but sometimes it is a real struggle to get participants and they can take a lot of work to create, conduct and review the results.

So to help I want to give you 5 other options for target market research which you might not have thought of.

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Overwhelm is HUGE when it comes to online marketing.

Never before have we been presented with so many options to market our businesses.

This is a fantastic opportunity – but it is also a massive challenge.

Even I, a seasoned marketer, get regularly overwhelmed by all the marketing things I want to, or worse, “should” be doing. Perhaps it’s worse for me than others because I feel like I need to represent in all areas. As if somehow that “proves” that I know what I am doing.

But in truth, simpler is often much better when it comes to marketing.

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