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IMG_9224Hi, I’m Yael and I have DITCHED the Marketing Overwhelm and I want to show you how to do it too!

After over 12 years working in multi-million dollar, international companies as a marketing department of one and backed up with my degrees (yes with an “s”), I thought I had it all figured out. …I was wrong!

I first started Mix Savvy with the aim to help small businesses grow using solid marketing foundations, and while those foundations have not changed, the landscape has changed significantly. There is no greater learning curve than when starting totally from scratch and DIY’ing everything yourself.

Never before have we been faced with so many decisions about what the “RIGHT” way to promote our business is. The fact is, there is no magic pill, no secret sauce – despite what many other online marketers try to spin you.

Everyone has their own vibe and what has worked for someone else, just might not work for you… for many reasons.

BUT please don’t get dismayed.

You see what I have discovered as I have explored this new landscape is that there are many, many ways you can promote your business but what makes it successful is the right blend for you.

And you may be surprised how SIMPLE it can become when you stop jumping from one thing to the other and instead find your own groove.

Through Mix Savvy I will show you how to navigate these online marketing waters through 3 main tenants.


All about the foundations baby. That’s right the marketing principles haven’t changed, we just have more tools at our disposal to really take advantage of them.

In order to be truly successful you need to know where you want to go and how you are going to get there, and then stick to it!

I can show you how to do this by Knowing your Audience, Knowing your Numbers, Knowing your Brand and Knowing Yourself!


This is all about creating a clear sales path for your customers. One of the best things about living in the Online Business era is that a lot of your “selling” can be put onto autopilot. Saving you time, money and sanity! More of that please!

I can show you how to use tools like Content Creation, Email Marketing and Effective Websites to create logical steps guide your prospective customers from just discovered you to customer to raving fan.


This is all about spreading your message Loud and Proud but in a way that you get Maximum Results for Minimum Effort.

No need to reinvent the wheel everytime! By getting clear and getting equipped you already have a strategy that works. It just about letting people know about it!

I will show you how to select the best mix (for you) of promotional strategies including social media, networking, SEO, public relations and more.

Plus I will throw in a few tips, tricks and resources on how make everything flow smoother.


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