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Email List Size is a funny thing.

In online marketing circles, your list size is almost like your income. The larger your list, the more valuable your business.

Like income, it is also something left to the imagination. It’s not something we talk about.

We talk about the importance of having a list. We talk about how to get more people on that list. We even talk about open rate, click through rate & conversion rate percentages. But the actual number of people on our list – well that is held close to our chest.

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When it comes to building an email list there are a number of mistakes I see small businesses make time and time again.

The first, of course, is not to focus on it at all. So if this is you make sure you check out last week’s blog post “The Ultimate Guide to Email List Building

Apart from that, there are many little things that can limit the success of our list growth. And often all that is required is a little tweek here and there to get things moving!

Here’s the Top 5!

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Building an Email List is one of the most important things you can do for your business because it is what bridges the gap between someone showing an interest in your business and making that all important purchase.

Yes, someone may buy from you the moment they first visit your website. But what if they don’t?

Email provides a low commitment first step for someone to take to start in their relationship with your business.

Purchasing might be too big of a step for them to take straight away. You might need to build up some more trust & 

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Time…it’s one of the biggest struggles for small business owners, how to find it so you can get all those marketing tasks done.

In this guest post, Belinda from Better than Busy shares how to create that much needed time so that you can prioritise your most important marketing tasks.

It’s hard to enjoy your business when you’re drowning in a deluge of urgent tasks and you are so busy responding and reacting that planning, looking for opportunities or (dare I say it?!) RELAXING seem out of the question.

I’m going to help you find time for those important but not (yet!) urgent tasks like planning,

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Steal my Systems Part 5

Note: Full disclosure, this blog post contains affiliate referral links. However, I only recommend products that I use and love myself.

Pinterest is an amazing tool for generating traffic to your website. As a visual search engine, it attracts a very different crowd than those who search on Google. And with its Smart Feed you have a much greater chance of your pins being seen by those searching for you.

Typically thought of as a search engine for creatives, it is actually also a powerful tool for those of us who use blogging as a content strategy.

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Steal my Systems Series Part 4

If you are anything like me, you will be a content ideas machine. Well, at least until it comes to the point of actually having something to write. Then all you do is find yourself staring at a blank screen.

It always seems like feast or famine. Too many ideas to share at one time or none at all on the day you need to write an email to your list or write that social media post.

This all changed for me when I started using a project management system to keep track of them.

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