are you committed to creating & implementing a marketing strategy that will set you up for business success – today & for the long term?


do you need direction, accountability & access to expert knowledge?


Then the Strategy Meets Action Package is for You!




Before we really dive into the strategy it is important we have a clear vision of who your ideal customer is, what makes you stand out from the crowd and how you can best serve them.

This phase will begin immediately after booking when you are sent a through provoking questionnaire that will help you gain clarity and help me to get an understanding of your unique business.

Then we will meet for a 90 minute Kickstarter  Session where we will dive deeper and explore these topics.

Finally, armed with this information I will begin to prepare a custom Strategic Action Plan for you.

This highly detailed and actionable document will serve as the roadmap for your business based on where you are now and where you want to go – whether that is a specific launch or really establishing some amazing business foundations.

Meanwhile, you will be doing some “adult homework” to take your knowledge and understanding of your target audience and your core messaging to the next level.


Now we know how best to position yourself in the market, it’s time to get strategic.

You will receive your custom Strategic Action Plan and we will run through it together in a 60 minute session.

Here we will discuss the in’s and out’s of the recommendations I have made for you and talk through any concerns or challenges.

Based on this discussion, I will finalise the plan including a schedule and a budget.


A plan without execution isn’t going to do much good so this is where the magic truly happens!

This is where we start making things happen! I will be your advisor, guide and general go-to girl for all things marketing.

Over the course of 5 more 60 minute implementation & review sessions, at fortnightly intervals, we will start ticking off those actions as described in the Strategic Action Plan.

Session by session I will upload tasks and actions into our co-working Trello Board (a project management system), so you can see exactly what needs to be done and when.

In addition, I will provide you with all the links and extra resources you need – either directly or via the exclusive Client Resources Library which is packed full of worksheets, video trainings and tutorials.

Finally, during our time together you will have access to email support to keep the momentum going between sessions.



The Strategy Meets Action Package is AU$1,999 with payment plans available.
Alternatively, I also offer a “Strategy Setup” Package which includes the Clarity and Strategy Phases as mentioned above plus one follow up 30 minute session a month after beginning your plan.
This is AU$1,299 with payment plans available.


This is NOT a sales call.
This is a 20 minute chat where we can discuss your challenges, your desired outcomes and decide if I am the right person for your business.




Will you do my marketing for me?

I will create your plans, be your sounding board and provide feedback & advice. However, I don’t provide a “done for you” service. There are plenty of services available online now that provide specialist services, in their zone of genius, if that is what you need.

But I want to outsource my marketing, is your consulting for me?

Absolutely!! As a small business owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your marketing investment is spent wisely and that everything you do fits within your bigger strategic picture.

Like your finances, you shouldn’t just hand it over to someone without a basic understanding that you are getting the outcomes you expect.

This is even more important if you are outsourcing to multiple parties as you need to ensure that all the pieces are working together in harmony – not just each doing their own thing.

What level of support with I get?

In addition to the coaching sessions, all packages come with email support during our time together.

You can email me clarifying questions, new ideas or get feedback on the tasks you are carrying out.

Emails will be replied to within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

In addition, you will get access to my client-only resources library which has a growing number of worksheets and tutorial videos.

How will the sessions run?

All calls will be done online using Zoom software. This free video conferencing software will need to be downloaded to your computer or phone.

This not only allows us to talk face to face but also share screens.

All sessions will be recorded and provided to you in a shared Google Drive so you can focus on the session not on making 1000 notes.

What is your rescheduling policy?

Life Happens, I get it! With the exception of family emergencies, I ask that you reschedule any appointments with no less than 24 hours notice subject to my availability.

I’m ready to get started, how do I do that?

Woo Hoo! I’m excited to have a chat with you. Simply click on this link and book a complimentary connection call.

None of your times suit me, can I arrange a different time?

Email me at yael(at) and let me know at least 5 suitable times (including your time zone) and see if we can make it fit.

As I am the sole carer of my children 4 weeks out of 5, I cannot guarantee my availability at the times of your choosing but will do my best.

When is payment due?

For all packages, a deposit is required at the time of booking followed by ongoing monthly payments.

Amounts and space between payments varies depending on the package chosen.

The connection call is complimentary so no payment is required then.